Love Yourself Sick!

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Have you been to countless psychology sessions and progressed (or not) but feel like you need a bit more?

You’re not really sure what you need, but you know that you have blockages around accepting who you are…Your moods don’t feel as stable as they could be, and you feel like your life is just an up hill battle.

Love Yourself Sic draws you in, sits you down, hands you a box of tissues, and you chat, you create, you listen, you learn, you visualise, you laugh and you cry. You open up and learn to be vulnerable. You challenge yourself, but you win…you grow, you come out the end of the 12 weeks having new perspectives on your life, relationships, and most importantly a fresh new perspective on YOU!

You’re able to tap into your strength, like you’ve never been able to do before. You’re able to feel more empathy towards all other humans. You’re open and ready to do life right for YOU!

It’s a sacred space and time in your life, and one you will look back fondly on. At the same time it is down to earth, and rock solid.

It’s a concoction of confronting and scary, mixed with glitter and belly laughter.

If you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone, and make some radical changes for yourself this year that will give you the freedom to stand up for yourself, feel more confident, not be crippled with worrying about what other people think of you…look no further!

You will learn all of this, and walk away with life long friendships deeper than you have with some of your mates.

See what my ladies have had to say about this workshop…

Group 14 were asked to describe the course in one word:





These testimonials are updated every time a new group is finished. So you know I’m not just putting in the best of them all. If you follow this page you will see that every woman has the same life changing experience. These testimonials are from my LYS group 22:

‘LYS made me see beauty in others but more in myself’

‘LYS has been rad. I’ve learned so many amazing tools and met some beautiful people. I recommend highly.’

‘The 12 weeks of LYS with Lucy have been such a beautiful experience. I came to the group not knowing the journey that I would go on, and each week I have loved it. Lucy is amazing, warm and hilarious, and makes the whole experience wonderful. I’ve learned so many tools to help in my journey towards self love, which I think is the most important gift we can give ourselves.’

‘A roller coaster of emotion engulfed in the love of a group of exceptional women’ – Amy

‘I really enjoyed and got a lot from LYS. Worth the time and the personal investment.’

‘Lucy Ellis’ LYS program has changed my life by exposing me to and teaching me strategies to use when life gets tough. I can not recommend this program highly enough for women in need of a little TLC. Thank you Lucy.’



The cost is $550

There is a weekly payment option if you can’t pay it all up front.

$50 a week for 12 weeks. (This works out to be more expensive then paying it all upfront, due to time and admin)

Pensioner / Student discounts also available.

The group numbers are limited to 8, so if you don’t want to be disappointed: TAKE ACTION TODAY!

In order to book in for the next LYS program, then book in a time for a FREE phone chat with Lucy, to see if the program will be the right fit for you, and to learn more about how it works. Click on this link to book her quick 30 minute phone chat with Lucy.