Love Yourself Sick 4 Teen’s

lys 4 teens.jpg‘ Imagine if we could teach our young ladies to become best friends with themselves. So the cruelty of someone else’s words would not be believed, so they could comfort themselves when life got tough, and use their own innate tools to rise above and stand in their own unique greatness’

Teen girls on the cusp of being little ladies are in such a special transition phase, which can sometimes feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

There are friendships to hold down, Relationships can turn messy and school work can feel like way too much pressure.

Girls at this age really need a place to go and talk and grow as little women, away from all of the other drama of life. A place to come and work through their emotions and figure out whats actually important to them.

In this 10 week program specifically for 16-17 year olds we focus on giving your daughter a chance to breathe away from the pressures and teach her ways in which she can love herself well. Guiding her with hypnotherapy tools to create some harmony in herself to balance out the pressure and anxiety she otherwise might feel.


The group will accept no more than 10 girls in a class. Keeping the groups small allows for a sense of belonging and connection between the girls.

In each session there will be different elements of creative and sharing and learning and hypnotherapy or relaxation. This workshop will set your little lady up for being able to self care and love in the future. The benefits of this workshop are continual long after the 10 weeks are over.


Term 3, Monday afternoons from 4pm – 6pm – Starting from Monday the 23rd July.

THE COST OF THIS WORKSHOP IS $330 incl GST (Payment plans available).

If both your daughter and yourself would like to meet me in person to get a free half an hour info session on this workshop please call me: 0424599264

If you would like your daughter to be part of this wonderful experience, please fill in your details below and Lucy will be in contact to secure your daughters spot.