Love Yourself Sick 4 Teen’s

lys 4 teens.jpg‘ Imagine if we could teach our young ladies to become best friends with themselves. So the cruelty of someone else’s words would not be believed, so they could comfort themselves when life got tough, and use their own innate tools to rise above and stand in their own unique greatness’

The workshop is 10 sessions run over a 10 week period. In each session there is a focused topic for that week. Pertaining to self-love. Examples of these sessions are: self-compassion, helping the part of us that hurts, connecting with our inner confidence, accepting all our emotions, collecting the gems inside the hard times, opening our hearts up to the world and ourselves.

In each session there will be a short meditation and a creative exercise that cements the message, and then a time for sharing.

In between their sessions each girl will be given the recorded meditation to listen to in between the sessions.


Here are some testimonials from some girls 13-15 that took part in the Term 3, 2017 workshop:

“Love yourself sick is a great program to find yourself & meet new people. I have learnt to accept myself for who I am.”

“This is an amazing course! It was so fun and enjoyable. Everyone is so loving and understanding. It was an amazing experience and I’m so so so sad to leave, but I know for the rest of my life I will love myself more than I ever did and I have so much more courage!”

“LYS is pretty ace, even if I’m still not completely confident, it has shown me there are others that are like me. LYS has overall been pretty killer.”

“LYS has helped me so much over the past term. I now love myself more and I really appreciate your help Lucy!! Thank you!!”

“When I arrived I didn’t quite know myself (some of the emotions I was feeling). Lucy was able to unlock the door and now I have a better understanding of the things that go through my head.”


13-15 will kick off on MONDAY 30th April at 4pm.

So if you don’t want  your daughter to miss out on a spot, ACT NOW!

THE COST OF THIS WORKSHOP IS $330 (Payment plans available).

If both your daughter and yourself would like to meet me in person to get a free half an hour info session on this workshop please call me: 0424599264

If you would like your daughter to be part of this wonderful experience, please fill in your details below and Lucy will be in contact to secure your daughters spot.