Invite Lucy to Talk



If you want something fun, exciting and crowd pleasing at your next event…You need Lucy!

Lucy has a way to win Women over, to captivate them into changing the way they view themselves. Boosting their self esteem, and embracing who they are.

Across all ages, Lucy will motivate and inspire to help women enrich their life.

Hot topics that Lucy Loves to discuss at Events

  • The power of authenticity – is the difference between real, and fake confidence.
  • Food freedom and Body Heaven; it’s a real thing.


Lucy is happy to come and provide in house programs at your place of work, to motivate and build relationships in the workplace. Working exclusively with women to raise their confidence and their belief in themselves.

Lucy can run a program in your workplace that will:

  • Improve the relationships within the office
  • Create more confidence within employees
  • Feel empowered to take on promotional roles
  • Deal with stress better
  • Employ more self compassion in her mistakes
  • Break through barriers that are stopping progression in the workplace

Give Lucy a call today, to book her for your next women only gig!