About Lucy Ellis and Co

Wife and Mum. Creative Therapist. Community Maker. Positive problem solver.

5 year old me

I have always been into creative thinking, day dreaming being one of my favourite past times. I believe my creative mind is what has helped me not only make sense of, but strengthen me through some huge stuff in my life.

More about my life…I grew up in the Heart of the Hunter Valley, swimming in rivers and catching yuppies. I’ve always had a love for adventure and put my backpack on as early as I could, after finishing a very hard HSC year. I’ve always chased that feeling of being free and travel certainly gave me that. It also landed me into a wild and rebellious stage in my life. Today I have a healthier relationship with my freedom and enjoy going camping with my family, walking bare foot as much as I can, and plotting our next big adventure. You always have to have something in the pipeline to look forward to.

“I know I’m exceptionally fortunate because my mind is such a happy place to be.”

Me as a Hypnotherapist. I’ve always known that the way I think is different to others and my creative thoughts give me lots of joy and happiness. I knew that was not the same for many others, and I wanted to learn more about the mindset so I could help people think more like me, plus I thought it was magical the way we can trick our mind to not feel pain for example.

After studying hypnotherapy not long after I had my third baby, I was hooked and I knew I had found my thing in life. This then led me to find my passion in life: Waking Women Up to their Awesomeness! After a while in practice, I realised there was a chronic infectious mindset in women that made them feel unworthy of so many things in life. It didn’t matter what type of background these people had, at the core of all their problems is an unworthiness.

My passion was ignited and I set about creating some mindset and emotional changes for the women of this world, From here, my Love Yourself Sic program was birthed. Today over 350 women have moved through this 12 week program, resetting their lives, changing careers, and living their best selves.

On retreat 2018

I love to create programs for people that help them be more self reflective and aware, so they can wake up to all the resources they have within them to save themselves. A great way to do this for people is to get them outside their comfort zone, lots of vulnerability work, and training their mind that no matter the situation they can trust themselves to thrive and make the best decisions.

Because of my love for community and supporting people to chase their dreams and reach their full potential. Over the years I have worked hard to grow a community of health practitioners that collaborate to bring a stronger message to the wider community about their health. I have created a centre in the heart of Newcastle called, Newcastle Health Collective, we have over 20 health practitioners from a wide range of health perspectives ready to support your holistic health

Newcastle Health Collective

When I’m not at work I am at the beach with my therapy dog, Zulu and my children and husband, It’s a busy time with my three teenagers, but at the end of the day, I carve out special time for myself to meditate and do some yin yoga and bask in my own company.

My beautiful family!