Welcome to my website.
Below is an interview I conducted on myself, to share with you, a snippet of my life as a hypnotherapist. I hope you enjoy 🙂

How Did you get into Hypnosis?

My interest in Hypnotherapy started when I was pregnant with my third child. I was preparing for the birth, and having already been through 2 births with no pain relief, I was eager to find an alternative birthing method, where I felt in more control, and could manage my pain naturally. Hypno-birthing came into my research, and straight away captured my attention. At the time I was living in the North East of South Africa, and I couldn’t find anywhere close by that could help me have a hypnobirth, so I went through the duelling painful intense birth. Not long after I had my third baby I saw an advertisement for a hypnotherapy school, to become a hypnotherapist!!! Wow, I knew I had to inquire. It took a lot of guts to share with my Husband my thoughts on becoming a Hypnotherapist, because it seems so out there!! It is out there!! and of course I got the reaction I imagined, laughter and more laughter…”You want to become a hypnotherapist!” and more laughter. Of course he supported me, and was my guinea pig, many times, and slowly his thoughts on hypnosis changed too.

What have you Learnt about the subconscious mind since becoming a hypnotherapist?

What a roller coaster ride of learning, I have been on since 2008 when I became a hypnotherapist. As with most things, you start your ‘real’ learning when you start your own practice, and start seeing ‘real’ clients, not reading case studies. So my journey through 5 years has moved away from focusing on treating someones symptoms, which is something that was predominately taught to me in my course, and treating people through Centric therapy. I know the subconscious mind needs to be engaged and the way we do that is by focusing on the client’s life experiences and talking their language. I’ve learnt that the subconscious is very flexible but can also be quite stubborn and habitual. The more I learn the more I practice hypnosis, the more I believe that the subconscious is the mind of our body. There is and there always will be more to learn about the subconscious mind. It amazes and surprises me everyday. I absorb all it has to teach me like a hunger I can’t fill.

What do you love most about what you do?

This one is simple. Helping people achieve their goals

What has been a challenge for you as a hypnotherapist?

It used to be people’s judgements of me choosing this path and this career, and skepticism of hypnotherapy.
But now I love a bit of skepticism because it gives me a oppourtunity to persuade them otherwise. Allowing the therapy to work for them, they see results they can’t believe.
People’s judgements of me, can still effect me from time to time. This fades away when I think about how I just love and believe in what I do and in these moments nobody elses judgements matter.

What issues do you treat?

I treat so many issues it would be too long to write them all down. Below are a list of the more common reasons of why people come to see me:
Smoking cigarettes and/or cannabis also the synthetic variety
Weight loss / motivation / Food addictions / management / body issues
Phobias / flying / driving / social / spiders etc
Bad Habits / nail-biting / hair pulling / skin picking
Bed wetting / night terrors
Focus / Concentration / exam nerves
Confidence / self-esteem
Sleep problems / insomnia / snoring
High Blood Pressure
Stress / Depression / Anxiety

Do you have a speciality?

I have a passion….Waking women up to their Awesomeness!

I love working with women in a group setting. My passion is most definitely my developed workshop. Love Yourself Sick!

I love it so much that I have created an online version that I’m taking to the rest of the world. ‘Rocking your imperfect’.

The change that I see in these women on this workshop keeps blowing me away, everyday!

Other info about Lucy Ellis: Trained in South Africa under the South African Hypnotherapy Foundation, has two boys and a girl, married to a handsome South African, lives in Newcastle Australia, loves her dog Zulu (half jack Russel half cavalier) the cutest thing you have ever laid your eyes on. On her days away from hypnotizing, she will be seen relaxing with her family. Everyday is an opportunity for Crossfit. Cook