Letting Go

Put your hand u18838948_1343951182347215_4532088990654734307_np if you think the act of ‘letting go’ is to stop holding on to the pain and to then miraculously stop thinking about it, and then just keep moving on with your life, as you were.

*****In the past I would have raised my hand at this*****

But in fact this is not how we ‘let go’

The easiest way to let go is to bring the pain close, and stop pushing it away. Hold it with love and acceptance, and just be present with it. Without judgement we just observe the pain, without trying to change it, just let it be, feel it in your body.
Then you will be giving the space for the pain to move through you, and very quickly and easily feel a softness around the pain. And soon, you will notice the pain has shifted, moved on…gone!