Let Your Mind Lead The Way

We all know that o18920616_1339765919432408_791008649518095719_nur mind stops us from reaching our goals.
It can sabotage our best efforts, and stop us from reaching our full potential.
It’s our mind that tells us it’s too cold to get out of bed for gym, it’s our mind that cons us into buying that bottle of wine on your way home from work, it’s our mind that tells us we’re stupid and no one will take you seriously, it’s our mind that makes up stories about how crap of a parent you are.
Even with that awareness it is hard to break these habitual mind patterns.

I have a cool idea for you!

What about just letting your mind lead the way instead of stop you from living?
What do I mean by this?
Well, think about it…
When the alarm goes off tomorrow morning instead of your mind stopping you, how about you let your mind go first so the rest of you can follow?
You can do this with a simple command like ‘lead the way’ It’s transformational what can happen in this moment.

Our mind usually thinks it’s playing the role of protector. Trying it’s best to stop you from ‘living’.
However, if we gave it the job of fearless leader, it would support all that you do with gusto.
Remind your mind that it is your leader, and it will take that job very seriously. You might find moments of clarity with this exercise. you will be eating better, perfomring better, and living like you’ve always wanted to.

Like the boss you are!

Let me know how you go with it.

Lucy x